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Who We Are

M4, a unique blend of skilled players

At M4 Synergy, we provide outstanding professional consulting services and distinguished instruction to our Clients, in a wide range of music and entertainment industry disciplines, along with advanced guidance and direction to businesses and individuals.

We strive to cultivate the highest possible level of Client achievement through passionate, inspirational and innovative contributions to every project that we take part in.

How We Do It

M4 Synergy’s focus is to consult people and companies in all things related to directly and indirectly to the functions of the Music and Entertainment Business. With 12 years of experience; M4 Synergy will provide tried and tested solutions at every level of this field; from the boardroom to the streets.

With a gap in the market M4 Synergy is key and its highly needed services; M4 Synergy will be pioneers with no other company like it currently to compete.

Our Team